An ENT (Ear, nose, and throat) specialist is a medical professional who specializes in otolaryngology. An ENT doctor diagnoses, manage and treat disorders of the head and neck, including the ears, nose throat, sinuses, voice box (larynx) and other structures. Otolaryngology is a surgical specialty and ENTs are trained in the medical and surgical management of the disease. Dr. Neeraj Kasliwal is the well-renowned name when it comes to ENT specialist in Jaipur.
At KCK Ear, Nose & Throat Centre, we treatChronic Suppurative Otitis Media, Definition of Otitis Media, Dizziness, Balance and Motion Sickness, Ear Wax, Otosclerosis, Secretory Otitis Media, Swimmer's Ear, Tinnitus, Allergic Rhinitis, Nosebleed, Post-Nasal Drip, Sinusitis, Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Snoring and Sleep Apnoea, Tonsils and Adenoids, Vocal Nodules.

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Being the best ENT doctor in Jaipur, Dr. Neeraj Kasliwal provides the best treatment for ear, nose & throat diseases & disorders. Almost every one of us has experience a sore throat, a squeaky voice or a troublesome cough some time in life. The problem arises when these symptoms do not resolve in time. Find solutions to all your throat problems here with best ENT doctor in Jaipur.
Ear problems are rampant today - be it an infection, hearing loss, blocked ears, discharge from ears or other problems. And age is no bar. Infants as young as one month old or the elderly as old as 90 years can all fall prey to ear problems. Book an appointment with Dr. Neeraj Kasliwal, best ENT doctor in Jaipur.
If you are suffering from one of the conditions such as Injury to your ears, nose, or throat, Nerve problems in your ears, nose, or throat, Balance problems, Hearing impairment, Swimmer's ear, Pain in your ears, nose, or throat, Tinnitus Ear, nose, or throat birth defects, Breathing problems, Down's syndrome, Asthma Allergy, Sinus problem, Growth or tumor in your ears, nose, or throat, Deviated septum, Undesired appearance of the nose or face, Cleft palate, Drooping of the eyelids, Hair loss, Nose bleeds, Nasal congestion, Problems with smell, Voice or swallowing problems, Sore throat Hoarseness, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), then you need to visit best ENT doctor in Jaipur.

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